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Important safety notes


If you switch off the ignition while driving, safety-relevant functions are only available with limitations, or not at all. This could affect, for example, the power steering and the brake boosting effect. You will require considerably more effort to steer and brake. There is a risk of an accident.

Do not switch off the ignition while driving.


If you operate mobile communication equipment while driving, you will be distracted from traffic conditions. You could also lose control of the vehicle. There is a risk of an accident.

Only operate this equipment when the vehicle is stationary.

Observe the legal requirements for the country in which you are driving. Some jurisdictions prohibit the driver from using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

If you make a call while driving, always use hands-free mode. Only operate the telephone when the traffic situation permits. If you are unsure, pull over to a safe location and stop before operating the telephone.

Bear in mind that at a speed of only 30 mph (approximately 50 km/h), the vehicle covers a distance of 44 feet (approximately 14 m) per second.

Drive sensibly – save fuel

Observe the following tips to save fuel: The tires should always be inflated to the recommended tire pressure.

Remove unnecessary loads.

Remove roof carriers when they are not needed.

Warm up the engine at low engine speeds.

Avoid frequent acceleration or braking.

Have all maintenance work carried out as indicated by the service intervals in the Maintenance Booklet or by the service interval display.

Fuel consumption also increases when driving in cold weather, in stop-start traffic and in hilly terrain.

Drinking and driving


Drinking and driving and/or taking drugs and driving are very dangerous combinations.

Even a small amount of alcohol or drugs can affect your reflexes, perceptions and judgment.

The possibility of a serious or even fatal accident are greatly increased when you drink or take drugs and drive.

Do not drink or take drugs and drive or allow anyone to drive who has been drinking or taking drugs.

Emission control


Combustion engines emit poisonous exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Inhaling these exhaust gases leads to poisoning. There is a risk of fatal injury. Therefore never leave the engine running in enclosed spaces without sufficient ventilation.

Certain engine systems are designed to keep the level of poisonous components in exhaust fumes within legal limits.

These systems only work at peak efficiency if they are serviced exactly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. For this reason, all work on the engine must be carried out by qualified and authorized Mercedes- Benz technicians.

The engine settings must not be changed under any circumstances. Furthermore, all specific service work must be carried out at regular intervals and in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz service requirements. Details can be found in the Maintenance Booklet.

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