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Important safety notes


When leaving the vehicle, it can still roll away despite being braked by the HOLD function if: Х there is a malfunction in the system or in the voltage supply.

Х the HOLD function has been deactivated by pressing the accelerator pedal or the brake pedal, e.g. by a vehicle occupant.

Х the electrical system in the engine compartment, the battery or the fuses have been tampered with.

Х the battery is disconnected There is a risk of an accident.

If you wish to exit the vehicle, always turn off the HOLD function and secure the vehicle against rolling away.

If DISTRONIC PLUS or the HOLD function is activated, the vehicle brakes automatically in certain situations. To prevent damage to the vehicle, deactivate DISTRONIC PLUS and the HOLD function in the following or other similar situations: Х when towing the vehicle Х in the car wash Deactivate the HOLD function  .

General notes

The HOLD function can assist the driver in the following situations:
Х when pulling away, especially on steep slopes
Х when maneuvering on steep slopes Х when waiting in traffic The vehicle is kept stationary without the driver having to depress the brake pedal.

The braking effect is canceled and the HOLD function deactivated when you depress the accelerator pedal to pull away.

Do not use the HOLD function when driving off-road, on steep uphill or downhill gradients or on slippery or loose surfaces.

The HOLD function cannot hold the vehicle on such surfaces.

Activation conditions

You can activate the HOLD function if: Х the vehicle is stationary Х the engine is running Х the driver's door is closed or your seat belt is fastened
Х the electric parking brake is released Х the transmission is in position D, R or N Х DISTRONIC PLUS is deactivated

Activating the HOLD function

Make sure that the activation conditions are met.

Depress the brake pedal.

Quickly depress the brake pedal further until display. appears in the multifunction

The HOLD function is activated. You can release the brake pedal.

If depressing the brake pedal the first time does not activate the HOLD function, wait briefly and then try again.

Deactivating the HOLD function

The HOLD function is deactivated automatically if:
Х you accelerate and the transmission is in position D or R
Х you shift the transmission to position P Х you depress the brake pedal again with a certain amount of pressure until disappears from the multifunction display
disappears from the multifunction display Х you secure the vehicle using the electric parking brake
Х you activate DISTRONIC PLUS

After a time, the electric parking brake secures the vehicle and relieves the service brake.

The electric parking brake automatically secures the vehicle if the HOLD function is activated and:
Х the driver's door is open and the driver's seat belt is unfastened.

Х the engine is switched off.

Х a system malfunction occurs.

Х the power supply is not sufficient.

On steep uphill or downhill inclines or if there is a malfunction, the transmission may also be automatically shifted into position P.

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