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Convenience opening

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General notes

You can ventilate the vehicle before you start driving. To do this, the SmartKey is used to carry out the following functions simultaneously:

Х unlock the vehicle Х open the side windows Х open the hinged side windows Х open the sliding sunroof or the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel and the roller sunblinds
Х switch on the seat ventilation for the driver's seat

The convenience opening feature can only be operated using the SmartKey. The SmartKey must be close to the driver's door handle.

Convenience opening

Point the tip of the SmartKey at the driver's door handle.

Press and hold the the button until
the side windows and the sliding sunroof or the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel are in the desired position.

If the roller sunblinds of the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel are closed, the roller sunblinds are opened first.

Press and hold the until button again
until the panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel is in the desired position.

To interrupt convenience opening: release the Convenience closing feature button.

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