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Children could become trapped if they adjust the seats, particularly when unattended.

There is a risk of injury.

When leaving the vehicle, always take the SmartKey with you and lock the vehicle. Never leave children unsupervised in the vehicle.


You could lose control of your vehicle if you do the following while driving: Х adjust the driver's seat, head restraint, steering wheel or mirrors Х fasten the seat belt There is a risk of an accident.

Adjust the driver's seat, head restraint, steering wheel and mirror and fasten your seat belt before starting the engine.


If you adjust the seat height carelessly, you or other vehicle occupants could be trapped and thereby injured. Children in particular could accidentally press the electrical seat adjustment buttons and become trapped.

There is a risk of injury.

While moving the seats, make sure that your hands or other body parts do not get under the lever assembly of the seat adjustment system.


When you adjust a seat, you or other vehicle occupants could become trapped, e.g. on the seat guide rail. There is a risk of injury.

Make sure when adjusting a seat that no one has any body parts in the sweep of the seat.


If head restraints are not installed and adjusted correctly, they cannot provide protection as intended. There is an increased risk of injury in the head and neck area, e.g.

in the event of an accident or when braking.

Always drive with the head restraints installed. Before driving off, make sure for every vehicle occupant that the center of the head restraint supports the back of the head at about eye level.


The seat belt does not offer the intended level of protection if the backrest is not in the upright position. When braking or in the event of an accident, you could slide underneath the seat belt and sustain abdomen or neck injuries, for example. This poses an increased risk of injury or even fatal injury.

Adjust the seat properly before beginning your journey. Always make sure that the seat is in the upright position.


According to accident statistics, children are safer when properly restrained on the rear seats than on the front-passenger seat. Thus, we strongly recommend that children be placed in the rear seat whenever possible.

Regardless of seating position, children 12 years old and under must be seated and properly secured in an appropriately sized child restraint system or booster seat recommended for the size and weight of the child. For additional information, see the "Children in the vehicle" section.

A child's risk of serious or fatal injuries is significantly increased if the child restraints are not properly secured in the vehicle and/ or the child is not properly secured in the child restraint.

To avoid damage to the seats and the seat heating, observe the following information: Х keep liquids from spilling on the seats. If liquid is spilled on the seats, dry them as soon as possible.

Х if the seat covers are damp or wet, do not switch on the seat heating. The seat heating should also not be used to dry the seats.

Х clean the seat covers as recommended; see "Interior care".

Х do not transport heavy loads on the seats. Do not place sharp objects on the seat cushions, e.g. knives, nails or tools.

The seats should only be occupied by passengers, if possible.

Х when the seat heating is in operation, do not cover the seats with insulating materials, e.g. blankets, coats, bags, seat covers, child seats or booster seats.

Make sure that there are no objects in the footwell or behind the seats when resetting the seats. There is a risk that the seats and/or the objects could be damaged.

It is not possible to remove the head restraints from the front seats. The rearcompartment head restraints, however, can be removed  .

For more information, contact a qualified specialist workshop.

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