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For safety reasons, Mercedes-Benz recommends that you only use tires and wheels which have been approved by Mercedes-Benz specifically for your vehicle.

These tires have been specially adapted for use with the control systems, such as ABS or ESPЃ, and are marked as follows: Х MO = Mercedes-Benz Original Х MOE = Mercedes-Benz Original Extended (tires featuring run-flat characteristics) Х MO1 = Mercedes-Benz Original (only certain AMG tires)

Mercedes-Benz Original Extended tires may only be used on wheels that have been specifically approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Only use tires, wheels or accessories tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Certain characteristics, e.g. handling, vehicle noise emissions or fuel consumption, may otherwise be adversely affected. In addition, when driving with a load, tire dimension variations could cause the tires to come into contact with the bodywork and axle components. This could result in damage to the tires or the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz accepts no liability for damage resulting from the use of tires, wheels or accessories other than those tested and approved.

Information on tires, wheels and approved combinations can be obtained from any qualified specialist workshop.

Retreaded tires are neither tested nor recommended by Mercedes-Benz, since previous damage cannot always be detected on retreaded tires. As a result, Mercedes-Benz cannot guarantee vehicle safety if retreaded tires are mounted. Do not mount used tires if you have no information about their previous usage.

Overview of abbreviations used in the following tire tables:
Х BA: both axles Х FA: front axle Х RA: rear axle

The recommended pressures for various operating conditions can be found: Х on the Tire and Loading Information placard with the recommended tire pressures on the B-pillar on the driver's side Х in the tire pressure table on the inside of the fuel filler flap

Observe the notes on recommended tire pressures under various operating conditions  .

Check tire pressures regularly, and only when the tires are cold. Comply with the maintenance recommendations of the tire manufacturer in the vehicle document wallet.

Notes on the vehicle equipment Ц always equip the vehicle with:
Х tires of the same size on a given axle (left/ right)
Х the same type of tires at a given time (summer tires, winter tires, MOExtended tires)

Vehicles with MOExtended tires are not equipped with a TIREFIT kit at the factory. It is therefore recommended that you additionally equip your vehicle with a TIREFIT kit if you mount tires that do not feature runflat properties, e.g. winter tires. A TIREFIT kit may be obtained from a qualified specialist workshop.

Not all wheel and tire combinations are available at the factory for all countries.

On the following pages, you can find information on approved wheel rims and tire sizes for equipping your vehicle with winter tires. Winter tires are not available at the factory as standard equipment or optional extras.

If you would like to equip your vehicle with approved winter tires, you may also, in certain circumstances, require rims of the appropriate size. The sizes of the approved winter tires may deviate from that of the standard tires. This is dependent on the model and the equipment installed at the factory.

The tires and wheel rims, as well as further information, can be obtained at a qualified specialist workshop.

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