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The wheel or tire size as well as the tire type of the spare wheel or emergency spare wheel and the wheel to be replaced may differ.

Mounting an emergency spare wheel may severely impair the driving characteristics.

There is a risk of an accident.

To avoid hazardous situations: Х adapt your driving style accordingly and drive carefully.

Х never mount more than one spare wheel or emergency spare wheel that differs in size.

Х only use a spare wheel or emergency spare wheel of a different size briefly.

Х do not switch ESPЃ off.

Х have a spare wheel or emergency spare wheel of a different size replaced at the nearest qualified specialist workshop.

Observe that the wheel and tire dimensions as well as the tire type must be correct.

AMG vehicles with "Minispare" emergency spare wheel: use the "Minispare" emergency spare wheel only on the rear axle. If you mount the "Minispare" emergency spare wheel on the front axle, this could result in damage to the brake system.

If a tire on the front axle is defective, an intact wheel from the rear axle must first be replaced with the "Minispare" emergency spare wheel. The defective wheel on the front axle can then be replaced with the intact wheel from the rear axle.

Make sure to note the placard on the "Minispare" emergency spare wheel.

When using an emergency spare wheel or spare wheel of a different size, you must not exceed the maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h).

Snow chains must not be mounted on emergency spare wheels.

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