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Important safety notes

When parking, pay particular attention to objects above or below the sensors, such as flower pots or trailer drawbars.

PARKTRONIC does not detect such objects when they are in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. You could damage the vehicle or the objects.

The sensors may not detect snow and other objects that absorb ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic sources such as an automatic car wash, the compressed-air brakes on a truck or a pneumatic drill could cause PARKTRONIC to malfunction.

PARKTRONIC may not function correctly on uneven terrain.

PARKTRONIC is an electronic parking aid with ultrasonic sensors. It indicates visually and audibly the distance between your vehicle and an object.

PARKTRONIC is only an aid. It is not a replacement for your attention to your immediate surroundings. You are always responsible for safe maneuvering, parking and exiting a parking space. Check in front, behind and to the sides of the vehicle before maneuvering, parking or exiting a parking space. There must not be any persons, animals or objects in the area in which you are maneuvering.

PARKTRONIC cannot identify any persons or objects outside of the detection range. As a result, PARKTRONIC cannot warn you about objects in this area.

PARKTRONIC is activated automatically when you:
Х switch on the ignition Х shift the transmission to position D, R or N Х release the parking brake

PARKTRONIC is deactivated at speeds above 11 mph (18 km/h). It is reactivated at lower speeds.

PARKTRONIC monitors the area around your vehicle using six sensors in the front bumper and four sensors in the rear bumper.

Range of the sensors

General notes

1 Example: sensors in the front bumper,

1 Example: sensors in the front bumper, left-hand si

Side view

Side view

Top view

Top view

The sensors must be free from dirt, ice or slush. Otherwise, they may not function correctly. Clean the sensors regularly, taking care not to scratch or damage them .

Front sensors

Rear sensors

Rear sensors

Minimum distance

Minimum distance

If there is an obstacle within this range, the

If there is an obstacle within this range, the relevant warning displays light up and a warning tone sounds. If the distance falls below the minimum, the distance may no longer be shown.

Warning displays

Warning display for the front area

Warning display for the front area

1 Segments on the left-hand side of the vehicle
2 Segments on the right-hand side of the vehicle
3 Segments showing operational read

The warning displays show the distance between the sensors and the obstacle. The warning display for the front area is located on the dashboard above the center air vents.

The warning display for the rear area is located on the headliner in the rear compartment.

The warning display for each side of the vehicle is divided into five yellow and two red segments. PARKTRONIC is operational if yellow segments showing operational readiness 3  light up.

The selected transmission position and the direction in which the vehicle is rolling determine which warning display is active when the engine is running.

One or more segments light up as the vehicle

One or more segments light up as the vehicle approaches an obstacle, depending on the vehicle's distance from the obstacle.

From the:
Х sixth segment onwards, you will hear an intermittent warning tone for approximately two seconds.

Х seventh segment onwards, you will hear a warning tone for approximately two seconds. This indicates that you have now reached the minimum distance.

Deactivating/activating PARKTRONIC

1 Indicator lamp

1 Indicator lamp
2 To deactivate/activate PARKTRONIC

If indicator lamp 1 lights up, PARKTRONIC is deactivated.

 PARKTRONIC is automatically activated when you turn the SmartKey to position 2 in the ignition lock.

Towing a trailer

PARKTRONIC is deactivated for the rear area when you establish an electrical connection between your vehicle and a trailer.

Problems with PARKTRONIC

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