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Checking the coolant level

In order to avoid potentially serious burns: Х use extreme caution when opening the hood if there are any signs of vapor or coolant leaking from the cooling system, or if the coolant temperature display indicates that the coolant is overheated.

Х do not remove the pressure cap on the coolant tank if the coolant temperature is above 158 º F (70 º C). Allow the engine to cool down before removing the cap. The coolant tank contains hot fluid and is under pressure.

Х using a cloth, slowly turn the cap approximately Ö turn to relieve excess pressure. If you open the cap immediately, pressurized scalding hot fluid and vapor will be blown out.

Х do not spill antifreeze on hot engine parts.

Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol which may burn if it comes into contact with hot engine parts.

► Park the vehicle on a level surface.

Park the vehicle on a level surface.

Only check the coolant level when the vehicle is on a level surface and the engine has cooled down.

Turn the SmartKey to position 2  in the ignition lock.

Check the coolant temperature display in the instrument cluster.

The coolant temperature must be below 158 º F (70 º C).

Slowly turn cap 1 half a turn counterclockwise to allow excess pressure to escape.

Turn cap 1 further counter-clockwise and remove it.

If the coolant is at the level of marker bar 3 in the filler neck when cold, there is enough coolant in coolant expansion tank 2.

If the coolant level is approximately 0.6 in (1.5 cm) above marker bar 3 in the filler neck when warm, there is enough coolant in coolant expansion tank 2.

If necessary, add coolant that has been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Replace cap 1 and turn it clockwise as far as it will go.

For further information on coolant, see .

Adding washer fluid to the windshield washer system/headlamp cleaning system

Washer solvent/antifreeze is highly flammable. Do not spill washer solvent/ antifreeze on hot engine parts, because it may ignite and burn. You could be seriously burned.

Example: washer fluid reservoir

Example: washer fluid reservoir



: pull cap 1 upwards by the tab.

Add the premixed washer fluid.



: press cap 1 onto the filler neck until it engages.

Further information on windshield washer fluid/antifreeze .

Brake fluid level

If you notice that the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir has fallen to the MIN mark or less, check the brake system immediately for leaks. Also check the thickness of the brake linings. Visit a qualified specialist workshop immediately.

Do not add brake fluid. This does not correct the error.

Only check the brake fluid level when the

Only check the brake fluid level when the vehicle is on a level surface.

If the brake fluid level is between MIN mark 1 and MAX mark 2 on the brake fluid reservoir, it is correct.

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