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Fuel is highly flammable. If you handle fuel incorrectly, there is a risk of fire and explosion.

You must avoid fire, open flames, creating sparks and smoking. Switch off the engine and, if applicable, the auxiliary heating before refueling.


Fuel is poisonous and hazardous to health.

There is a risk of injury.

You must make sure that fuel does not come into contact with your skin, eyes or clothing and that it is not swallowed. Do not inhale fuel vapors. Keep fuel away from children.

If you or others come into contact with fuel, observe the following:

Х Wash away fuel from skin immediately using soap and water.

Х If fuel comes into contact with your eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Seek medical assistance without delay.

Х If fuel is swallowed, seek medical assistance without delay. Do not induce vomiting.

Х Immediately change out of clothing which has come into contact with fuel.


Electrostatic buildup can create sparks and ignite fuel vapors. There is a risk of fire and explosion.

Always touch the vehicle body before opening the fuel filler flap or touching the fuel pump nozzle. Any existing electrostatic buildup is thereby discharged.


Vehicles with a diesel engine: If you mix diesel fuel with gasoline, the flash point is lower than that of pure diesel fuel.

When the engine is running, exhaust system components could overheat without being noticed. There is a risk of fire.

Never refuel with gasoline. Never mix gasoline with diesel fuel.

Do not use gasoline to refuel vehicles with a diesel engine. Do not use diesel to refuel vehicles with a gasoline engine. Do not switch on the ignition if you accidentally refuel with the wrong fuel. Otherwise, the fuel will enter the fuel system. Even small amounts of the wrong fuel could result in damage to the fuel system and the engine.

The repair costs are high. Notify a qualified specialist workshop and have the fuel tank and fuel lines drained completely.

Overfilling the fuel tank could damage the fuel system.

Take care not to spill any fuel on painted surfaces. You could otherwise damage the paintwork.

Use a filter when refueling from a fuel can.

Otherwise, the fuel lines and/or injection system could be blocked by particles from the fuel can.

Do not get into the vehicle again during the refueling process. Otherwise, electrostatic charge could build up again.

If you overfill the fuel tank, fuel could spray out when the fuel pump nozzle is removed.

For further information on fuel and fuel quality  .

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