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General notes

Depending on the driving style, the vehicle consumes up to 0.9 US qts (0.8 l) of oil over a distance of 600 miles (1000 km). The oil consumption may be higher than this when the vehicle is new or if you frequently drive at high engine speeds.

Depending on the engine, the oil dipstick may be in a different location.

When checking the oil level: Х park the vehicle on a level surface.

Х the engine should be switched off for approximately five minutes if the engine is at normal operating temperature.

Х if the engine is not at normal operating temperature, e.g. if the engine was only started briefly: wait about 30 minutes before carrying out the measurement.

Checking the oil level using the oil dipstick

Example: vehicles with a gasoline engine

Example: vehicles with a gasoline engine

Example: vehicles with a diesel engine

Example: vehicles with a diesel engine

Pull oil dipstick 1 out of the dipstick guide tube.

Wipe off oil dipstick 1.

Slowly slide oil dipstick 1 into the guide tube to the stop, and take it out again.

If the level is between MIN mark 3 and MAX mark 2, the oil level is correct.

If the oil level has dropped to MIN mark 3 or below, add 1.1 US qt (1.0 liter) of engine oil.

Adding engine oil


If engine oil comes into contact with hot components in the engine compartment, it may ignite. There is a risk of fire and injury.

Make sure that engine oil is not spilled next to the filler neck. Let the engine cool down and thoroughly clean the engine oil off the components before starting the engine.

Environmental note

When adding oil, take care not to spill any. If oil enters the soil or waterways, it is harmful to the environment.

Only use engine oils and oil filters that have been approved for vehicles with a service system. You can obtain a list of the engine oils and oil filters tested and approved in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Service Products at any Mercedes-Benz Service center.

Damage to the engine or exhaust system is caused by the following: Х using engine oils and oil filters that have not been specifically approved for the service system
Х replacing engine oil and oil filters after the interval for replacement specified by the service system has been exceeded Х using engine oil additives.

Do not add too much oil. adding too much engine oil can result in damage to the engine or to the catalytic converter. Have excess engine oil siphoned off.

368 Engine compartment Maintenance and

Example: engine oil cap

Example: engine oil cap

Turn cap 1 counter-clockwise and remove it.

Add engine oil.

If the oil level is at or below the MIN mark on the oil dipstick, add 1.1 US qt (1.0 liter) of engine oil.

Replace cap 1 on the filler neck and turn clockwise.

Ensure that the cap locks into place securely.

Check the oil level again with the oil dipstick  .

Further information on engine oil  .

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